September 21, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, dance, dance ............. I LOVE DANCING...........

GD#2 is crazy about dancing ........ this year will be her first ever toe pointe class. A couple weeks ago they traveled to another city about an hour away to get fitted. Oh they are so pretty and PINK (her favorite color).

The shoes already have a story to tell. Last week when classes started up the younger girls were admiring the older girls toe pointe shoes. Well, to make a long story short one of the younger girls (9yr) sneaked upstairs to where the dance bags are kept, she opened GD#2 bag taking out the pointe shoes (brand new, never worn, expensive) and placed them in "her own dance bag". Yes, you read correctly ... she stole the shoes. Pointe class begins and GD#2 can't find her shoes .... the 9yr old has already gone home. Luckily for us another student thought she knew who stole the shoes. You got it .... at 9PM DD#1 and GD#2 went to get the shoes. In my opinion the girl and her mother should have brought the shoes to GD#2's house. I still can not believe what happened. Amazing.

More pretty pink ballet shoes.

Jazz dance is so much fun. Such cute costumes go with jazz shoes.

Here she is in her costume for the 2007 play, Clara's Dream, as one of the dolls. Check out those curls.

AND here she is as a soldier in 2006 ... this was the poster notice for the 2007 Show.

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