September 9, 2008

Your SomeDay May Never Come

Great Aunt Clemma

Over the weekend I received very sad news ....... my Great Aunt Clemma passed away .... she was 82. Her passing was sudden, unexpected as she had attended a great neices wedding just 2 days prior.

Someday has run out.

I saw her last in October 2007 at my 2nd cousins wedding. Again she invited us to her home and I said .... next time as we had a long trip home and it was getting late.

Someday has run out.

She looked the same as I always remembered along with her 3 children, Jr., Barbara and Phyllis. At that time we talked, as we have many times, of a family reunion .....

Someday again has run out.

So as I have said many times .... I'll do it someday .... well my someday is here and I'm going to take it to the fullest ... no more stalling, no more putting it off, no more to-do list ........ no more "someday" in my speech.

Don't let your SOMEDAY run out ....................


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that. What a great message you taught us from it though. Huggs

Anonymous said...

I was very touched by your post about your Aunt Clemma. My dad passed away last April at 81. I took every opportunity I could in the last few years of his life to make some great times. Sometimes my husband got upset that I would travel back home so often (3 1/2 hour drive) but I knew there would soon come time when I wouldn't be making that drive for him. I still have my mom and it's the same for her. We all never know when we'll go and too often we say - someday, sometime. In the past week I decided to pull back from some things and focus on others so that some of those "someday, sometime" things that I want to do in my lifetime may actually happen. I am sad for you but don't be too hard on yourself. It's a lesson learned. Take care and God bless.