September 14, 2008

Our Beach Vacation

I love the ocean, sand ..... the whole works.

Now don't get scared and run off ..... I'm not going to bore you with a million beach photos, I promise. Actually if you want to just take a fast look via a slide show .... go HERE

We vacation at Ocean Isle Beach, NC which is about 45-50min north of Myrtle Beach. We love it at OIB ..... no night life ..... houses and condos only .... the beach is wonderful, not crowded and maintained beautifully. We've been going here for more years than I can remember.

So here's just a few more

Now see that wasn't so bad, was it ...............LOL

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Donna said...

I enjoyed the slide show. What a bummer about your desktop. Same thing happened to mine. I was tore up over it until I found out it took out my power source and not the hard drive, I have since backed up most of my files. What is the GC I kept seeing in your post. I'm not getting those abbreviations. I know it's probably gonna be a DUH moment when I do find out what it is. I think your quilting looks fabulous too. I pondered the idea of getting a longarm, but am afraid I wouldn't be able to do the fabulous job that I've seen others do. Well, just thought I'd let you know I enjoyed reading about your GC and your quilting.