September 13, 2008

Prince's First Quilt

I am so thrilled with my Nolting PRO ....... he quilts like a dream and responds on a dime. Hmmm with inflation I guess I should say responds on a quarter.

I'm a nervous quilter who doesn't have a creative bone or the slightest hint of imagination in my body. I haunt other quilt forums like APQS, Longarm Chat and MQResouces to just name a few .... oh the eye candy ..... Then there are the Yahoo email groups like MQSG and, of course, Nolting ..... more eye candy. There are others but the above 5 are my favorites.
I made this little charity quilt several years ago so I put Prince Charming II to work. I decided to try some freehand, rulers and whatever else I could dream up. All of the fabrics are super busy so I knew none of my quilting would really show (boo-boo's wouldn't be seen either). I know they're there but on a galloping horse they aren't seen. LOL

I used some rulers like a curvie one for feathers, straight ruler to make spikes and piano key; I did use school chalk for the C's, loopie pink border and leaves on the black. OK I'll shut up now ........... a couple photos

Prince did an excellent job, he earned a gold star.


Deborah Levy said...

Sandy it look great! Glad you love you're new machine, and glad to have you poting again!

Vicki W said...

and so did the Queen! Isn't it fun? I did the same thing when I started. I just put on quilt after quilt that "didn't matter" and tried a little of everything.

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

What a great quilt with lots of fun fabrics! Thanks for sharing, Sandy!