January 2, 2008

A New Water Line and New Water Meter

We were sleeping so nicely on Monday morning (12/31) .... Ding Dong, Ding Dong, .... after all it was our 41st wedding anniversary ... THE PLUMMERS came. I could have kissed those guys ... we were 6 days into no water .... it was tough hauling water several times a day from DD#1 house.

They started shortly after 8AM and left about 4:10PM .... yep took all day. The broken line is under the concrete walkway and porch (of course). They started out just digging .... but of course needed a backhoe.....

Then, of course, GS had to come over and inspect.

One big problem .... most porches are only concrete on top .... not ours .... it's solid concrete all the way down, way way down. It was decided to just cut off the broken line at the water meter and install a by-pass water line around all the sidewalk. Here they are trying to drive a steel rod through in order to place the new pipe into the house .... they broke their sledge hammer in two trying to drive that thing through all the concrete. All day each took their turn hitting the pipe even DH helped out.

Oops something went wrong, the City was called ... hmmmmm we have to replace the water meter.

Another Oops our dogwood tree bites the dust. See the BIG hole .... they finally broke through.

Now I have this big tank thing inside the closet.

We had to flush all the toliets 5 times, run the washer through the rinse cycle 2 times, run the dishwasher rinse cycle 2 times and turn all the showers and faucets on for 20 minutes to clear out all the dirt that got into the lines. Ahhhhh a hot shower and hot water to wash my face and hands .... heating water in the micro got old very quickly. I hope I never have to brush my teeth with cold water again. I'm such a wuss.

I can't wait to receive the bill ..... we were planning a trip to DisneyWorld for our family (8) this year but I think that trip is now at least 4 or 5 feet down in the front yard.

2007 was the year from Hades for me ...... too many things to even tell you about .... our water woes just topped it all off.

EDIT: Insurance adjuster comes Thursday .... I doubt we'll get much of anything............


Irene said...

What an ordeal - glad you are back in business. Remember what you keep telling me - you can't take it with you - just blow the budget and go to Disney anyway!

Anonymous said...

Good post.