January 23, 2008

Hard Work Paid Off on Tuesday

I love email (except SPAM) and quilting, therefore, I'm on alot of Yahoo email groups .... I won't tell you how many because you'd think I was completely nuts. Lately most has been nothing but way off topic stuff so I've turned all my groups to "Special Notice". I spend way too much time reading email instead of quilting. Now I did leave these Yahoo email groups turned on .... MQSG, Nolting LongArm and Heartstrings; 1st two I'm a moderator and Heartstrings I love.

Tuesday I got busy picking out backing fabrics, piecing it together in some case and selecting the quilt to go with a particular backing. Most of my quilting is for charities so I like for the backing to be interesting and not necessarily to match the actual quilt top. Plus my binding is usually from a totally different fabric. You know kids love color, lots of color. I didn't keep track of what fabric I busted yesterday but it was alot and it felt good. You see I have a very very large stash .... ask my DH. So here's a photo of 9 backings all matched up to 10 charity quilts tucked inside.

It'll take me a couple weeks to finish these up .... I'll post when they're done.

I had 9 quilts almost finished ... they only needed their Project Linus labels. I'll turn these in at our February meeting. Quilt tops were actually quilted in 2007. I make very simply charity quilts like bar quilts. I quilted all of these on my Prince (long arm). Here they are:

Most of my charity quilts are approximately 40" x 56" range. I also make mostly of boy theme quilts. A large portion of the quilts donated to our local Linus are for babies and girls thus my reason for boy quilts.

Here's a few samples ....... see I told you they were simply bar type quilts. I'm not much of a traditionalist quilter, matching points, corners, making blocks and etc.

Well I'm off to my Wednesday Stitching group ........ love this group .... no rules, no dues, no officers .... nothing but great friendship and lots of chit chat.


Tonya Ricucci said...

fun, bright quilts - perfect for kids. you're very generous for doing so much for charity.

Mary Johnson said...

Nice job! You've been very busy!