January 28, 2008

My Dyson Plays Music

I'm doing the 'woman' thing today ... dusting, laundry, picking up clutter. Now I'm not suppose to run the vacuum according to my Doctor (back surgeon). He tells me "vacuuming is the worse thing you can do". But today I just couldn't wait for DH .... so I decide to run it in the family room, quilt studio and downstairs bath. I'm going along trying to be super careful when all of a sudden my Dyson makes this rattle noise. I thought oh no I've run over something and did a number on the Dyson. I turn it off when I hear this music playing .... I thought what????? DH is always buying gadgets so how did I know he found a radio that was micro in size. What???? then I realize it's the alarm on my cell phone (I set it to remember to turn the crockpot to low). I laughed out loud .... it's Monday and I'm already off my rocker.

I empty out the container and push it into the family room .... what's that on the floor???? It can't be ........yep it's a nail. Funniest micro radio I've ever seen.

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