January 27, 2008

Off to Cincinnati, Ohio

We headed to Cincinnati, Ohio Friday 1/25, to visit our DD#2 for the weekend. She works for Ford in Sharonville, Ohio.

On the way over I sat in the backseat and watch a couple quilting videos.

Dinner Friday night was at the Bone Fish Grill. WOW you have to eat there .... it was very very good with fast service. I look forward to going again.

On Saturday I took in a couple quilt shops. First was Yarns and fabrication in West Chester, Ohio. It's a fairly new shop. They did have some very nice fabrics but unfortunately they were over in one corner, rows close together ..... I found the corner kind of dark and being of a great age I could not stoop down to see the fabrics. A very nice sewing classroom with machines provided. AND if you're looking for a long arm they had an APQS Millenium ... I didn't check their prices. The yarn selection on the other hand was nicely spaced, lots of light. A group was relaxing and knitting up a storm. I didn't buy a thing.

Then we headed off to Aunt Ruth's Scrapbasket. I had been to this store a year or so ago and discovered they have recently moved to a smaller space. Nice selection of fabrics, lots of light and plenty of room to see the fabrics. They also offered a corner with quite a number of bolts on sale 30% - 50%. I did some small damage in there.

And lastly one of my most favorites spots, Hobby Lobby. Although they have reduced the number of fabric bolts they still have a nice selection and plenty was on sale. I bought a few pieces there to complete some charity quilts.

After all that shopping (LOL) we were starving .... we had a late lunch at Red Robin I was not impressed and doubt we'll ever go again ..... very noisy.

Sunday morning came all too soon. My absolute favorite place to eat is the Waffle House.
It's just a little place but I LOVE their pecan waffles.

We're home ...... love visiting DD#2 but it's good to be home too. Looking forward to see her very soon again. I miss her alot.


Irene said...

Sounds like such a nice weekend and I also liked seeing the pictures of your outing with your Wednesday stitchers. Hope you had some crab cakes for me!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Ugh, it's too bad that I am so behind on my blogs! I would've pointed you to a couple of great stores in the area - Fabric Shack and Best Friends. Fabric Shack is closer to Waynesville/Lebanon area, but Best Friends is on Colerain Ave close to Cross County highway. Next time, I guess.... :)