January 6, 2008

22 Raffle Quilts

I want to tell you about an internet friend, Thearica. Thearica is a active member of HGTV message boards and hosting a 22 Raffle Quilts Challenge.

This challenge called "Life Is Like A Bowlful Of ____" In this challenge the quilters have been asked to use black and white fabrics and to incorporate one more color for a 3 color quilt. They had to fill in the blank in the challenge's title to represent what their 3rd color would be.

Some of them are:
7. Life Is Like A Bowl Full Of Watermelon
8. Life Is Like A Bowl Full Of Limes
9. Life Is Like A Bowl Full Of Raspberries
10. Life Is Like A Bowl Full Of Rubies
11. Life Is Like A Bowl Full Of Strawberries
12. Life Is Like A Bowl Full Of Buttered Popcorn

Tickets are $5.00 each. This give you 22 chances to win a quilt. If you were to buy the usual $2.00 ticket on each quilt, you would pay $44.00 to have a chance to win. $5.00 is indeed a bargain.

These quilts will be given away on July 4th or a couple days before or after. Thearica will post a definite date closer to July 1st when work schedules for those who are wanting to attend the drawing at Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC.

Please stop over at Thearica blog to contact her. I'm not selling tickets or collecting money so please don't ask me all the particular ....... jump over to Thearica's Blog for all the information and photos. Thanks ...... let's raise money for Ronald McDonald House.

NOTE: LIFE IS LIKE A BOWLFUL CHARITY CHALLENGE is the heading on the HGTV message board.

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