June 4, 2008

More Biggest Loser Meals

I said a couple days ago that the Biggest Loser meals arrive at your home in a BIG box with a frozen pack inside. You then put them into your freezer and they expire date is about 18 months. I guarantee the meals won't stay in your freezer 18 months ..... maybe 18 days but definitely not 18 months.

This is just one of the frozen meals.

Fresh out of the microwave ..... 6 minutes and you're ready to cut the bags open and eat.

AND this is Thai Chicken - (grilled chicken chunks with a thai coconut ginger sauce, served with mixed vegetables and grilled pineapple) 6 points on Weight Watchers flex program.

(chicken breast, flamed roasted pineapple and broccoli florets, sugar snap peas, carrots and yellow carrots).

Everything you see on the plate is part of the meal, I did 'not' add anything. YES it was very good, very good. I can't believe how good these Biggest Loser Meals taste.

calories 285
total fat 5mg
cholesterol 80mg
sodium 720mg
total carbohydrate 31g
dietary fibre 3g
sugar 21g
protein 34g

If you're interested I found this article, Diet Plans in Review in reference to the Biggest Loser meal plan.

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