June 12, 2008

The Mighty Majestic Fall

Our neighbors .... well actually our DD#1 neighbors had their two (2) majestic trees cut down this week. One in the backyard and one in the frontyard. I have no idea how old the trees were .... the works said they were approximately 65 years. They were beautiful. We're not sure why they decided to have them removed ..... it probably cost them $4000 plus for the removal.

They were beautiful and provided lots of shade not only to their house but the houses on both sides (one of which is DD#1's house).

Oops they hit the fence

Well the photos tell the whole story ...... sad to see these two mighty, majestic trees come down.


Irene said...

I always think it's so sad to see trees come down, especially two as big as these. Some people don't like the mess - we have 2 huge maples on our front yard that give us a lot of work with the keys - not to mention the roots - but I wouldn't dream of having them cut down. I just hope they had a good reason...

Deb Hardman said...

Gosh, I sobbed when the Municipality chopped the shrubs back along side the road on our property. I think I would go into mourning over trees like that. Did they hate raking the yard?

Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog.

Carolyn said...

Oh, what beautiful trees. I'm sure the shade will be missed.
Carolyn (WW)