June 3, 2008

Biggest Loser Meal Plan

It seems like I've been on a diet all my life ...... yep I'm almost as old as dirt. I've tried all kinds of plans, meal plans and more ...... you know how it goes.

Recently I was given some of the Biggest Loser meals. I have to say they are the BEST I've ever eaten in the diet food line of any brand, any meal plan. The meals arrive at your house in a large box with a frozen pack. The lunch portion is large enough for dinner, in my opinion, so you can stretch the meals to last 2 weeks by supplementing your lunch. In 6 minutes you can sit down to a feast.

This is the BBQ chicken, roasted corn/peppers and broccoli ...... (sorry the photo isn't that great but I couldn't wait to eat my dinner). It was delicious, better than I can cook, really. Weight Watcher points would be 6 for this meal.

Calories 340

Total Fat 5g
Cholesterol 80mg
Sodium 910mg
Total Carbohydrate 40g
Dietary fiber 6g
Sugars 21g
Protein 37g

Anyway a few years ago I saw a Christmas photo of my butte. WOW what a shock. I joined Weight Watchers, lost weight, even made goal. Then lots of things in my life happened and I've gained almost all the weight back. BUT I'm back on track with Weight Watchers. I'm planning to order the Biggest Loser meals and continue doing Weight Watchers by counting points (flex plan).

AND I'm a regular on the Weight Watchers message boards ........ I love chatting with others from my own State (Neighbors), also with Ohio people (Neighbors) and a very large Quilt group (50 year olds).

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