June 28, 2008

Dog Sitting

Our GC are off to Cincinnati for a few days to visit Kings Island, The Bodies, The Zoo and whatever else they can find. They're also visiting their Auntie.

So we (Nanny&Pappy) are dog sitting. They are cute. Here's Tippy (left) and Oreo (right). Tippy is a ShizShiz/Terrier and Oreo is a Mountain Feist. Sorry it's hard to get a good photo through a glass door.

DH has volunteered to 'sit' and help clean house later so I'm going to quilt. I have several tops ready for Prince Charming and even more quilts to sew together ....... it's gloomy outside so my day is going to be almost perfect. We miss our GC already.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Oh, what cute dogs !! DH and I are dog lovers and I think I could cuddle up with Oreo. They are just like family members.
Carolyn in WV