June 6, 2009

Signs of Summer

We have lived here a little over 7 years .... the previous owners built a fish pond. It is lovely and we get tons of enjoyment out of the fishies.


I wished this jewel, Siberian Iris, bloomed all summer but I enjoy the flowers while they last.

Fish Frenzy Feeding


These 2 GrandDogs (Oreo on the left, Tippy on the right) like to eat fish food or catch fish

Three (3) shot span of the pond



Brenda said...

thanks for showing me your pond!! And I love that the two fish food theives are behind bars!! that was cute!! I love the greeness of the yard, it's still chilly here, though my plants are back outside for the day. Now I want a pond!! Have thought about it, but I just don't want the work involved with making sure it is winterized, and no, I don't think I could leave it running all winter..... not with the wicked temps we get here!!
Enjoy the summer sitting by the pond. that is way to much fun!! I am glad your enjoying it.

Crispy said...

Great pond you have there Sandy. It would be so relaxing just sitting there watching the fish swim around.