June 21, 2009

NQA Show 2009

DH and I headed to the NQA Show on Friday. Oh my ... the vendors, the quilts, the people and ugh the rain.


We did stop at my most favorite place, The Waffle House, I adore their pecan waffles.

It was the BEST show ever (I think). I bought a few things like thread, pantographs, fabric for Christmas Lights Mystery (Bonnie Hunter) and just one kit.

The quilts were wonderful, terrific and THE BEST. DH helped me take photos so they are not in order per the guide. I can't wait for NQA 2010 Show in Columbus again.

Slideshow, enjoy

2009June NQA

NOTE: Photos were allowed to be taken by ordinary folks, like us. No notice was displayed about not posting them anywhere. If you see your quilt and prefer that no photo display, please email me giving my photo number and I'll be happy to delete it.


sophie said...

Thanks for all the wonderful photos. I hope to be able to attend this show again one day . . . until then, photos like yours are the next best thing to being there.

Crispy said...

Darn, my slow dial up just takes to long. I hope to get to one of those big shows...someday. I'm envious LOL.


Unknown said...

Hi, this is my first time visiting. I found you through Michigan Quilts. I read a lot of your blog and love your photos. Yeah grandkids are the best. their love is wonderful and they get to go home when we are too tired to do anything! I am looking forward to going to my first quilt show this fall. I too will take photos to share.
Visit me sometime. It's fun to blog and visit with coffee in the mornings I find.


very pretty

Sherry said...

Just been rereading a few blogs. Pecan waffles! They ARE delicious. Once upon a time, I mentioned making them. A cousin-in-law told me that you couldn't put nuts in waffles, that you couldn't pour the batter in a waffle iron. She said that there would be no room for the pecans. Her husband (my cousin) looked at her...then at me...and raised an eyebrow...like...who explains this to her? ;o)

jovaliquilts said...

Thanks so much for the slide show! It's really wonderful to get to see the quilts. I go to the one in Chicago every year.