April 23, 2009

Stitchers Group

I'm part of a small group that meets on Wednesday .... we're not a quild, club ... we just enjoy each others company and love sewing together.
The above stacked of nine quilts are part of our charity drive for Gabriel Project. So far this year we have donated close to 30 baby quilts.


Val said...

I am so impressed. That is such a good work.

Brenda said...

that sounds like a wounderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!! What a great group to just hang out with and enjoy each others company and look at what you have done! Excellant job - those quilts look wounderful!!

Crispy said...

How wonderful to have a group to get together with and CONGRATS on getting so many charity quilts done, you guys ROCK!!


Lynn W. said...

That is a great stack of quilts. I wish I had a group to get together and sew on common projects. It seems like they get finished so much Faster. Thanks for sharing the results. Lynn