April 14, 2009

Quilt It This Way

I made this Stacked Posie quilt a couple years ago. Like most things I make they lay around gathering dust as I never have a clue how to quilt.

Back in March I was reading my favorite blogs via google.com/reader I read on Feathered Fibers Blog that she was sending out an open call for quilt tops. She would select some from the photos submitted and then 'draw' on the quilts.

I submitted several photos and she selected the one below. Carla is one talented lady and I'm thrilled she selected one of my quilts.

Isn't this fabulous???? This design is if you own a longarm machine. I do own a Nolting 24" PRO. Now someday (when I get the nerve) I'm going to try and quilt it just like this.

Now if you quilt with a domestic sewing machine then below is what she suggests. I love it too.

If you would like to read more about "my" quilt on her blog then please jump over to Feathered Fibers post on March 11.
Also if you'd like to read more about Carla's method of Using Photoshop to draw on quilts then check out this post. I'd love to try her method .... need more hours in the day .... don't we all.


Alyssa said...

More hours in the day??? Yes. I remember when I was younger, the days were s long. What happened to those long days? I love your quilt. I will check out the sites you suggested.

Val said...

I left you a comment earlier but one of my grandchildren had signed me out and signed in on her little blog. You can delete it or keep it. She thought it was funny that it showed the comment being from her! She has been working on her blog.

Crispy said...

Wow Sandy that is really impressive. The quilting on the border would take even a longarmer ages to do.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

great quilt! ;-)

Carla said...

LOL... now you have to finish the quilt! LOL Thanks for the shout out and link.

I needed to halt my QWW due to getting way too many emails and requests. I didn't expect such a high response.

Good luck with the quilting! Carla

sergist said...

Oh Sandy that is beautiful quilting.
Glenna who bought a house out in Reno, O but still in Homestead.
Sorry to hear of your DF passing.
Do you still use your Janome?