April 13, 2009

Quilting Arts TV Show

Quilting Arts TV Show gets better and better everytime I watch it. Last week show was tip-top. This is Show: 312 Inks & Dyes

Debbie Crane shows her Fabric Books.

Shelly Stokes use Shiva paint stik to "color" sewing notions. WOW now you can have any notion to match your fabrics.

Now this segment with Dianne Giancola who used Rit Dye to dye cotton batting ........ yes Rit Dye to dye cotton batting. The little quilt shown below is batting .... not fabrics .... batting, yes batting. Isn't it wonderful........

Aren't these colored battings wonderful ........ almost good enough to eat. LOL

And Judy Perex who uses metal. Yes she stitches with it. Very cool idea.

So jump over to Quilting Arts TV website, register and get all the info especially if you don't get the show on your local PBS. I will tell you that in our TV guide it says Quilt In a Day but Quilting Arts plays. So maybe your guide is incorrect too.


Crispy said...

LOL, I can't for the life of me figure out why you would even want to dye your batting. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands ROFL.


Anonymous said...

hi, i just watched this program on my local PBS, and the dyed batting *is* the exterior of the project. lol

i agree it would seem really strange to be color coordinating the "stuffing" of a quilt.

i'm hoping to find the detailed instructions for the projects on this episode.