January 2, 2010

Stashbusting Photos (HGTV)

This is it for the Year of 2009. I'll miss tracking our progress every month but we all have some new and exciting ideas for 2010.

HGTV Stashbusters whipped out close to 80 items for December. WOW

To view the full shot of a photo ... click on the photo.

Come join us over at HGTV message board... we'd love to have you.


If you'd like to see more of our stashbusting monthly photos click HERE.



Encore Bride said...

I'm so glad I fund your blog, I've fallen in love with quilts and hope to make more, thanks for stopping by and saying hi, I will relay your message to Mr E. Happy SITS Saturday!

Unknown said...

Just saw your photos. You still have the same hairdo! And it looks fabulous even today!
I'm like you, have had basically the same style forever!
Happy anniversary.
My sweetie is going to work at HGTV for Income Property...gotta visit Stashbusters.

Lois said...

I loved your "stashbusting" photos. Did you quilt your shadow applique quilt? Mine is hanging on a hanger and waiting to be quilted but I need ideas as to how to finish it. You have a neat blog. Chanlady