January 25, 2010

Day 1 of Retirement

When I retired in 2002 I slept in until noon. What did DH do on his 1st day of retirement .............

Goes to the YMCA

Putz around in the barn

Checking tools

Quilt room vacuum

Unload the upstairs TV room

Remove the carpet

Cleaning the floor, remove baseboards

Cutting wood pieces

Laying the new floor

Finishing off the day with some fun


Retiring the wardrobe


SewCalGal said...

Congratulations on DH's retirement.

Can I trade you some fabric to loan out DH? I could use his help around my home!


Angie said...

Well Good for him... it's better than moping aroung wondering what to do next eh... I hope he finishes that job before he starts another though... this is something to keep an eye on, me thinks?

Unknown said...

OMG, can't imagine DAY 2! Excellent for an old guy who is retired.

Lady Beekeeper said...

I know you are proud of him and happy for him - we are too! Seems like a good guy! Way to shake that hula hoop, baby!

Teri said...

Congrats to the DH. Such a cute post. I hope day 2 is just as productive as day 1

Gari in AL said...

Excellent. The man with a plan.

Mary Johnson said...

I'm determined not to let Keith retire (not that he's close to retirement age) but it looks like your husband knows how to entertain himself (unlike Keith).

Quilter In Paradise said...

OH! don't say a word,, let him get all the projects done!
I have been off for 5 months and I don't feel like I accomplished a thing!!
now it's back to work for me -- enjoy your sleeping in and just let that great man of yours do all his projects... then send him my way!
Beth in Dallas

Irene said...

And you told me he wasn't handy - lol. Happy Retirement to you both!!!!

Wilma Lee said...

At least you know he will stay busy, lol. I plan to do what you did! Only 10 more months, sigh.

Kim D. said...

Looks like he's getting lots of things done around the house. What's next?? :)

Jane said...

Hmmm... could be good to stay busy, but don't let him get all of his old to "do list" done at once. My hub retired 3 years ago... MY life has not been the same since, thank goodness we love them or else.