September 14, 2009

Looking & Feeling GREAT

WOW doesn't Diane Sawyer at 63 (yes 63) look terrific. I'm sure Diane workouts and eats properly.

Earlier this year I was a participant in our local YMCA's faux Biggest Loser campaign. It ran for 12 weeks and we all received 2 free personal training sessions. The sessions consisted of nutrition discussion , a personal training workout and access to a personal trainer at a greatly reduced price. I continued for 10 weeks with the personal trainer 3 times a week and also going to Weight Watchers. Although I didn't win the 'game' I did loose 8.4 lbs for a 6.2% loss .... I'm thrilled.

Now the real work begins .... keeping it off.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She sure looks great but probably had some plastic surgery along with dieting and excersizing *lol*
Good job on the weightloss! It does feel great doesn't it!!