September 15, 2009

From the Dr. Oz Website: What’s Really in Your Handbag?

Does your purse have a secret? Is it harboring germs and more?

CLICK purse to play the video.


Unknown said...

I keep as little as possible in mine as I hate the weight of anything extra.
I am extremely minamilistic!
Diane looks amazing. A good plastic surgeon, a chef, a personal trainer and a dresser is amazing what can be done. She has good genes too I think.
I love her!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Ever since I had two neck surgeries I've learned not to carry a big purse. I can't or it kills my neck.

So now it's just cash, cards and that's about it in mine.

I love Dr. Oz! I am so happy he got his own show. He is such a nice guy.