April 14, 2008

Quilt Fresco


While reading through a few Google Alerts this morning I came across Nellie's blog, (Teodo Linda of Appunti Patch had sent out an alert). With Nellie's permission I'm re-posting portions from her blog ........... a plea for 'fabric hands' .

I am giving a hand to the project described below from LaGatta blog. She says:

My goal is to get as many hands as possible to compose a big fresco for a friend. In order to get a beautiful fresco I need various fabrics and colors. And so there will be a sort of unit, power and sense of whole coming from this work. Somehow the only freedom is the choice of fabric and color. No matter the quality of the fabric, no matter whether it is new or used, what counts is to understand this project and to participate for the pleasure of doing it.


Take a piece of fabric, a material or a color that reminds of you.

On the back side of the fabric trace the contour of your hand (right or left like you prefer).Then cut leaving from 5 to 8 cm (tad over 3 inches) for the arm.

Do not embroider, do not embellish , do not collect anything. Do not try to distinguish with your name, adding pearls or anything else. I really insist about this !!!!!

There is no need to line it either, it is really necessary that the hand is in accordance with the others.

Put your hand in an envelope and send it to me, writing separately on a piece of sheet your name or your nickname.

There is no need of inscriptions nor confirmations, and to gain more time I leave my address:

67114 ESCHAU (France)

Especially do not lose time writing me by e-mail to tell that you want to participate, or to explain that you could. That you have not been able to. It would be only lost time .... The time, that we need so much! I won't send e-mail to confirm that I've received your hand but everyday in a corner of my blog I'll update the list of the received hands. And above all, please do it as soon as possible. Those who want to show their hands on their blogs, explainingfor example their choice of materials and colors, and perhaps this will allow other quilters to add their hands to ours.

Come on then, help me to demonstrate that the virtuality of our relations is based on the reality of our friends. And if you have any questions ask here on the comments of this post I'll reply so that everyone can take advantage from them.I'll count on you and your friendship. A big thanks in advance!

Now I wasn't quite sure what a FRESCO was so I looked it up. Fresco (plural either frescos or frescoes) is any of several related painting types, done on plaster on walls or ceilings. So to me this sort of means a wall quilt ...... guess this is my quilting license. LOL

I'd like to suggest that you draw your hand on freezer paper (found in the grocery near wax paper and etc) ...... gives more control. Also allows you to place your hand in the perfect spot on your quilt fabric. As you can see at the beginning my quilt fabric was quite busy but I wanted to highlight the family, beach and ocean ... all my LOVES.

My hand placed exactly on the fabric so that it says who I am.

My hand (again) ready to be mailed to France.


zizzybob said...

Do you have any idea what this is for? Is it just a large "fresco" she wants to make fot the sake of art, or will it be auctioned off for charity? I tried reading the blog, but the part where it says what it is for is in a foreign language.

Nellie's Needles said...

Glad you're contributing. I'm really not certain what project all these hands will be part of, nor if we'll ever get to see the outcome. But the plea sounds so desperate to help a friend through a tough time.

Thanks for the photo tour of the quilt show in your previous post.