April 6, 2008

Quilting Friends

I haven't written for a week. It's been a sad week and a long week.

Jan Jackson, an internet quilting friend, from Quilting Passions forum passed away on March 31. She was diagnosed on March 27 with advanced liver cancer and it had metastasized in her heart. She will be missed. Jan was a great support of Q.P.'s charity work.

Those from Q.P. wish to honor Jan's memory so we have a quilt project in progress for the next 6 months. We'll make quilts for Project Linus and donate them in Jan's memory. The following two (2) quilts I'm donating in Jan's memory.

I'm calling this one "Girl Talk"

And this fleece quilt will be name "Little Fishy's"


Then my dear quilter friend Irene from Canada has been living at the hospital for over a week. Leo, Irene's DH, has been very ill. On 3/26 Leo was rushed to the hospital. Test showed a cyst on his pancreas that is restricting blood flow to the spleen. On Sunday 3/30 he started bleeding internally and vital signs started crashing so they rushed him into surgery. The cyst on the pancreas had ruptured into the spleen, so they removed the cyst and the spleen and they think they have stopped all the bleeding. My dear friend Irene is hanging on. We continue to pray for Leo and a complete recovery.


Debi said...

Wonderful quilts, Jan would be proud.

Carolyn said...

Your quilts are beautiful. Sending prayers your way.
Take care,
Carolyn from WW

Jan said...

Those are great quilts!! JanJ would love them!

Irene said...

Thank you, my dear friend.

Your quilts in Jan's memory are wonderful.