April 14, 2008

Off to Cincinnati to Visit DD#2

Over the weekend we went to visit our youngest daughter who lives in the Cincinnati area. Oh Friday was so beautiful, warm and it was a nice drive over. She owns a beautiful home which sits on a golf course. Now I'm going to throw in some trip photos just for fun.

Oh here are my GrandKitties. Miss Winnie and Mr. Foghorn.

IKEA just opened in the last month in Cincinnati ...... I LOVE IKEA. Plus DD#2 lives about 5-7 minutes from IKEA. Did you know IKEA has fabric on bolts? I didn't ..... It said 100% cotton but I was a little leary that it could be used in for quilting. I took a long look but in the end decided the fabric was more on the canvas side than quilt fabric. BUT that's not to say I won't buy some of their fabrics next time.

On Saturday I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby. We don't have Hobby Lobby's where I live. They have reduced their quilting fabric selection a good bit but I managed to find quite a few pieces that I couldn't live without. LOL I also ran into Hancock Fabrics .... nope don't have Hancock's here either. Unfortunately the store was a wreck so I didn't stay long and made no purchase.

Then we were off to the TriCounty Mall. Picked up some makeup and did alot of window shopping. We were ready for a late lunch. Now those who know me know that I love pecan waffles from The Waffle House. On this trip I had decided to skip my favorite pecan waffle as DH and DD#2 aren't that keen on The Waffle House.

But DH and DD#2 insisted so I readily agreed ...... off we went. All too soon it was Sunday and time to load up our car and head back home. We had a great visit and miss DD#2 already.

Now the trip home on Sunday was lousy ... it rained, rained and some more rain.

Oh I do want to say THANK YOU to the lady in the dark blue van who pulled up beside of us pointing and mouthing something. We waved to say thanks, she speed off, we pulled off onto the shoulder. Sigh .... DH once again left the gas cover thing-of-a-bob off.

Now flying down the highway I snapped these trees ..... I think it would make a terrific art quilt. Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to try an art quilt.

Now see this bridge in the distance?

It crosses over the Blennerhassett Island and Ohio River ... once it opens (very soon) we'll be able to cut 20-30 minutes off our travel ..... ah we can't wait.

Oh boy we see the bridge to home...........

Toll bridge to home.

Now just pass the toll booth is Joann's ... alas I was too tired to have DH stop. LOL

Home Sweet Home

I'll unpack tomorrow.

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