August 22, 2010


This is GROSS ... don't look if you have a weak tummy.

For the last 3 days we have been overrun with flies .... I've never seen so many. I kill 1 and 3 more appear. One thing is certain if there was an award for the Greatest Fly Killer I'd win hands down or maybe that's hands swinging. This is just a few that I killed in an hour. We can't figure out how they're getting in.

After almost 2 days I sent DH out to get some fly paper. Ugh that stuff is just nasty but it is helping.

I just about wore out our ancient fly swatter ... you can hardly find this jewel in the stores nowdays.

It's time to change the nasty fly paper ..... yahoooo DH I have a job for you.

Now here's a pretty photo ........

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Anonymous said...

Just move to Texas. It's too hot here for flies! I haven't seen a one..... Hugs, Barb