June 18, 2010

Quilt Show in Columbus

Another fabulous quilt show and the vendors of course.

There were so many I really liked but these 2 captured my heart.

This one is all about marbles, yes marbles. I can remember playing marbles as a child ... do kids still play with marbles?

This one is a Christmas dream. Can you find something for every letter of the alphabet?

I took a few photos of the quilts I liked .... not all .... just those that appealed to me.

I've been informed by someone that I can't show the NQA photos. Apparently there is a tiny laminated sign posted in an obscure place that photos are for personal use and can not be posted on the internet. BUMMER. Sorry everyone.

See you in 2011, I hope.


bevkimmel said...

What a fabulous quilt show! Really inspirational. I would never have thought of so many wonderful ways to create a quilt. thanks for sharing!

gardenpat said...

Wonderful photos!! Thanks for posting! We missed you for lunch!:(

Did the show seem smaller this year? I'm going tomorrow but have heard it's smaller and fewer vendors!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I shared 2 quilts from the show too. Hmmm...they need to make a BIG sign as you enter the show and put it in BIG letters in the program. I love that second quilt so much.