June 1, 2010

Baby Diaper Cake Tutorial


First let me say that my DH made the diaper cake (with my supervison of course). LOL

There are many diaper cake tutorials available and even more photos of diaper cakes. We did use a tutorial but also added our own twist. A google search will show you many versions.

OK so let's get started:

1. You'll need some regular size and large size rubber bands.

2. Diapers, I used size 1-2, up to 15lbs. How many you use will depend on how big you make your cake. Some use 2 sizes of diapers, I just used the one size.

3. Start rolling from the top, keeping it tight and even.

4. See how tight it is. Place a regular size rubber band around it.

5. This is our bottom layer. DH used this can to hold the hole in place. Place a large rubber band around the whole section.

6. DH used a old pool floatie to place in the middle of the cake. This holds all the layers together and gives it stability.

7. I wanted to use silk leaves but could not find them locally. He went out in the yard and picked a number of leaves. I selected the one I like, he made a cardboard pattern.

8. Vellum scrap paper was used in the tutorial and after much searching I finally found green vellum. He drew and cut each leaf individually.

9. DH used posterboard to cut rounds which go between the layers. He cut out the center of the round so it slide over the orange pool floatie. I used a 16" dollie on the bottom and then 12" dollies for the other layers. Our rounds were cut so that the design on the dollie edges showed nicely.

10. Our diaper cake was 3 layers as seen here.

11. The leaves help to cover the colored diaper design that shows when you roll. Each leaf was placed and then tape was used to hold it in place. Glue does not work.

12. Close up.

13. Top.

14. I bought a large plate and glass at Goodwill. The plate was dark brown so I painted it white (2 coats). I used E6000 glue to attach the glass to the plate, waiting 24hrs to dry.

15. We used 2 ribbons. The silver was 1.5" wide and black dot 1" wide. I measured around each section and used tape to hold the ribbon. You can see the tape in this photo.

16. The flowers were silk. The top ones are jammed into the pool floatie. The other flowers are just jammed between the layers.

17. DH did a terrific job. We loved the diaper cake. It looked so elegant.


Our daughter and son-in-law and Baby Girl "J".


Feel free to ask me any questions.

The original tutorial we used came from Jill's blog.


Wilma Lee said...

That is soooo cute!!!!

Yycien Adams said...

This would make a perfect baby gift for a baby shower. Thank you soooo much for this tutorial, you make it look so easy. I'll give it a try :)