February 17, 2010

Our Ballerina


Last month GD#2 announced she wanted to dance this summer at the Cincinnati Ballet. In the summer they have 2 dance sessions but you must audition and be accepted. Competition is fierce with auditions conducted in PA, IL, KY and OH plus video. So we went to the Schrader Youth Ballet studio to video tape her .... 2hours of practice, music selection and taping .... this netted us 6 minutes of audition video. Off it went into the mail.



In the mail Tuesday a thin envelope arrived addressed to "Miss xxxxxx" ..... oh my oh my crying burst onto the scene ....... she was ACCEPTED for the summer session. How exciting for a 12year old ..... she'll be dancing 3 weeks in the summer program.


CONGRATULATIONS sweetheart, we're so proud of you.


bettyp said...

wishing her the best!!
She sure is a pretty too!!
Keep us posted on how she did .

Gari in AL said...

Congratulations to GD#2. That is quite an honor.

Kim D. said...

How exciting Sandy..

Shogun said...

How exciting for her and you must be so proud!

Lynn W. said...

Now just how exciting is that? It's absolutely great and will be the memory of a lifetime (at least a 12-year old's life). Be sure to let us know how she enjoys her camp.

Irene said...

Congratulations Brianna!!!!!!! What a wonderful experience for her - WOOOO HOOOO

Unknown said...

Oh what a girl! I loved the little displays...so cute. On my side bar "Five Healthy Hearts" has a daughter that does ballet....she's very good...go see.

You must be so very very proud!

the writer said...

Oh how exciting!!!