February 8, 2010

LOVE Blooms

Let me tell you a little story about "love at first sight".

A young woman "M" from Ohio goes to visit a college friend who lives in the northeast. While relaxing one day the friend says "hey let's go to Boston and see the sites". So off they go, check into a hotel and hit the streets to see the sites. Now on the spur of the moment a young man "G" had to go to Boston for his job from Pennsylvania. He, too, checks into a hotel but across the street from where the college friends are staying. "G" passes "M" on the street, their eyes meet and his heart goes ba-boom. Later that evening he decides to go to the City Bar and who does he see but "M" also in the Bar. He waits a bit, gets up his nerve and goes over to their table. And as the saying goes ..... love at first sight burst and their fate was sealed.

DH and I are so so so very happy to have the honor to introduce

Mr. & Mrs. "L"

WELCOME to the family ...........

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Victoria said...

Twenty five years ago, love at first sight also bloomed in a bar for my hubby and me! Congrats to the happy couple!