December 12, 2009

Fabric Gift Bags Tutorial

fabricgiftbag 1b

One of my favorite blogs is Tommy the Material Girl. Recently Tommy was bemoaning the fact that she could not get boxes from Macy's where she had purchased 18 outfits for family. Of course, I had to tell her forget those boxes and make your own fabric gift bags.

Seven or eight years ago I decided 'no more wrapping paper'. I decided to use my fabric stash that could (and still does) rival a quilt shop .... stashbusting.

Here's a quickie tutorial ... I use that word tutorial loosely, by the way. When you're first starting out making your fabric gift bags start by making the bag to fit a specific gift.

1. I loosely estimate all around the item. The fabric is folded in half so it's really double what you see in the photo.
march06 051

2. Cut the piece.
march06 052

3. Open the fabric out and measure down for the fold over. I now like to use a deeper fold over of 5-6 inches
march06 053.

4. Turn under 1/2 inch to hit the raw edge, press.
march06 054

5. Now open it out completely and sew the sides and bottom. If you don't have a serger use your regular sewing machine.
march06 055

march06 056

6. Now stitch the cuff in place.
march06 058

7. Stitch across the bottom corners to make the box edge.
march06 059

8. I also attach my ribbon to the bag. Measure out approximately 43 inches.
march06 060

9. Stitch the ribbon to the middle of the bag.
march06 061

10. You're done.
march06 064

Now next year if some of your bags are too large hey just take the seam in with a basting stitch ... poof it's a smaller size instantly. AND yes the gift bags must be returned to me ... reuse for the next year you know. LOL

I do make gift bags for all occassions and holidays ... no wrapping paper, no tissue paper and no tape necessary. If you don't have enough of one fabric hey sew two together. The largest bag I've made held a Dyson (see below). Yahooooooo



fabricgiftbag 1c

fabricgiftbag 1a




shannon said...

thanks for this idea! i will definitely be making alot of these...i've already used your idea for the small gift for my sewing group's present!


Quilter Kathy said...

Great idea!

Melody Johnson said...

Now that Tommy has linked you, I guarantee you will be inudated with comments. What a grea idea, especially with the bag returned from the recipient. And a great way to use up fabric too.