May 6, 2009


GD#1 is a junior this year. She attended The Prom last Saturday (May 2). We can't believe she's old enough for The Prom.

First GD#1 had a few words ..........


The young man drives a very very large truck. GD#1 is a little thing and could not get into the truck. So here's what happened .....


We took tons of photos (of course) so here's our little slideshow. ENJOY



Val said...

She is beautiful. Oh to be young again! My oldest grandaughter is 14 so I have this to look forward to. Thanks for sharing. I know you are prud.

Crispy said...

Awww she's soooo pretty and grown up!! I know she had a wonderful time :0)


Sherry said...

LOVED it when Zack picked her up! Stepson has a wisp of a girlfriend. First date and he was in a jacked up truck...her shoulder was probably even with the floor. She had on a dress...tried several times to climb in. Finally told him to turn his head!

First time I climbed up in it, husband started to help me...I felt two hands on my rear, turned around, and gave him the evil eye. He has no shame!!

Joyce said...

Your granddaughter is lovely. It seems like just yesterday when my daughter went to prom. It's really been two years. They go so quickly. Enjoy your time with her.