October 7, 2012

Webshots Being Replaced with SMILE

Webshots is going away as a free subscription to be replaced by SMILE. SMILE is going to be subscription service only. I don't mind paying but $30 a yr is twice what Webshots charged. If you have photos you wish to keep from free Webshots you need to move your photos. There are a number of free picture hosting sites. You can request zip file(s) of all your precious memories. http://smile.webshots.com/landing Also webshots blog for the breaking news http://blog.webshots.com/ Gotta run ... have to d/l my 17,000 photos and 500 videos. I know I have originals somewhere but this is just in case. What a BUMMER!!!!


sophie said...

I host my photos on another site, but this is my nightmare. After a hard disk crash a few years ago, the ONLY place a lot of my photos live is online.

CristinaOprescu said...

It's pretty hard to find a program offering support for wb1 file format (Webshots files). But I finally found one called BioniX says it will have support for those files before 9 November 2012. Here is an article about this: http://www.bionixwallpaper.com/articles/webshots-vs-bionix.html
Now I don't have to convert those files to can use them as wallpaper after Webshots will be closed