January 21, 2011


Do YOU know who is snooping into your life and family ????

Have you heard of SPOKEO, it's a people search and I guarantee you're listed. Not only are you listed but everyone in your family is listed along with where you live, social, wealth and more.

(sorry I don't have a fancy program to make it look pretty).
Now if you want to opt out .... do this

1. Go to the website (link above) and type in your name
2. Click on your name and copy the URL
3. Click on the word PRIVACY (lower right hand corner)
4. Input the info required (URL, email and security code)
5. I suggest you NOT use your regular email addy ... make up a new one on yahoo, hotmail, gmail
6. When you get the email confirmation from SPOKEO follow directions to Opt Out
7. Pass it on

THANK YOU Fox News for telling us about SPOKEO!!!!!

Yep I'm showing my age here ... I remember and loved "Lost In Space".


luv2quilt2 said...

Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't heard of this, but I found myself on it and it was really disturbing.

Wilma Lee said...

My husband says that all the time, lol I checked my name and it has me when I lived in another city.

Lynn W. said...

I had found myself there a while ago but the info was very inaccurate. What was interesting was how many of "me" there are since those names aren't real common these days. Anyway, my info has been deleted. Thanks for the heads up.