March 5, 2010

Bear Cub Scout


GS is a Bear Cub Scout. The first requirement for a Bear is to earn his Bobcat badge (learn the Boy Scout pledge, Law of the Pack, learn about WEBELOS, Scout Handshake and the Cub Scout Motto). After earning the Bobcat badge, scouts begin working on their Bear badge. The Scout must complete 12 achievements (out of 24) to earn the Bear badge.


He did a variety of things from learning about cooking, different sports, how to spend money wisely, whittling (a personal favorite) and bike safety. He was the first one in his group to earn the Bear badge.


He really enjoys Scouts and next week they are visiting the news paper office to see how the papers are printed and the following week he will be learning about knife safety and earning his knife safety card so he will be able to take his knife to camp.

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3anklebiters said...

we just love, love, love scouts and all the fun it brings.