January 6, 2009

DH's Surgery & GD#2 Cast

A persons meniscus ...............

DH had his meniscus surgery this morning. Everything went smoothly and now he's home resting.

Head Nurse, Mister, laid down on the job. So I have to pick up the slack.

Visitors to cheer up a resting Pappy.

Day 2 ... still swollen

See that YES ...... they actually worked on the right leg

AND the big news ...... GD#2 got her hot pink cast off from her accident


Debi said...

Hoping your DH gets well soon. I had the surgery on BOTH knees. All I can say is physical therapy helps wonderfully.

Carolyn said...

Hope your DH will be up and around real soon.

John said...

I had this surgery in August -- on BOTH knees!! Fortunately for me, the pain was manageable (I had a prescription for Vicodin but didn't have to take a single pill) and the recovery has been fairly quick. In fact, I started jogging again this week (and probably could have started even earlier but I've been lazy). Tell your DH to rest, take it easy, but to take his physical therapy very seriously -- I think that helped me tremendously. Oh, and tell him I said that "chicks dig scars". : )

jovaliquilts said...

Ouch! But looks like he has everything he needs for a good recovery. I hope he heals quickly!

Summerset said...

I hope he heals quickly!