April 16, 2020


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December 23, 2012

I'm Ready, I'm Done, Now to Relax

I'm happy to say I wrapped my last gift Saturday morning, I'm done. Now I can sit back and enjoy my birthday tomorrow, Christmas, my 46th wedding anniversary on New Years Eve and New Years Day. Merry Christmas everyone. Wishing all of you the happiest of seasons and good wishes.

October 11, 2012

It's Coming Soon

Stationery card
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October 7, 2012

Webshots Being Replaced with SMILE

Webshots is going away as a free subscription to be replaced by SMILE. SMILE is going to be subscription service only. I don't mind paying but $30 a yr is twice what Webshots charged. If you have photos you wish to keep from free Webshots you need to move your photos. There are a number of free picture hosting sites. You can request zip file(s) of all your precious memories. http://smile.webshots.com/landing Also webshots blog for the breaking news http://blog.webshots.com/ Gotta run ... have to d/l my 17,000 photos and 500 videos. I know I have originals somewhere but this is just in case. What a BUMMER!!!!

June 7, 2012

New "legal" driver on the highways .......

LOOK OUT everyone .... a new driver on the road, The Princess has her permit. Guess we better start looking for the perfect car .... we have a year to find it.

May 20, 2012

Princess Birthday #15

IMG_3194 CIMG3194 CIMG3201 CIMG3200 CIMG3205

CIMG3192.AVI Where has the time gone for Princess B .......... 15 yrs.

April 6, 2012

8th Annual Blennerhassett Quilt Show

The eighth annual Mid-Ohio Valley Heritage Quilt Show, sponsored by the Friends of Blennerhassett.

Area quilters exhibited their quilts, quilted wall hangings and quilted wearable fashions. Quilt categories for entries include: bed quilts (hand and machine); wall quilts; crib quilts; duet quilts; group quilts; antique (pre-1950) quilts; quilted fashions; and other.

Awards were given for Best of Show for hand-quilted and machine-quilted, People's Choice and Superintendent's Choice.

Approximately 80 pieces were displayed in the quilt show, organizers said.

This is the third year Parkersburg resident Brenda Wentzel displayed her sewing machine collection at the Blennerhassett Museum as part of the quilt show. Wentzel has been collecting sewing machines for about 15 years, including items from the late 1800s up through the 1970s, with a wide range of toys and actual sewing machines.

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